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Servicing existing policy holders has always been critical to an agency’s success. However, in today’s age of mass marketing and the faceless world of internet insurance sales, service is more important than ever before. Our agency’s 30+ years of experience has proven that clients will buy one, two, and even three policies over their lifetime. In order to set yourself apart in today’s life insurance arena, you must keep in touch with your clients.

Our experience has shown that client’s goals and needs change as they grow older. They will have a completely different outlook on their financial requirements over the next 10 to 15 years. Change can be due to a number of reasons such as their children growing older, retirement, divorce, or poor health. As agents, we must be available to provide advice and additional life insurance options to meet their new financial goals.

Our agency’s practice is to stay in touch with clients once a year by telephone and additional contact each year via email and written correspondence. We do believe that it is important to gently remind clients of the various risks to their financial security and the options available to address these needs.

Service and frequent communication is always paramount between our agency and our clients. At Insurance 360 we are proud that our client base is still growing after 30+ years and our key to this growth is based on continual service and superior products.

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